By: Sara Marrocco adapted from the novel by C.S.Lewis
With Permission from the playwright.

November 28 – December 7

Eagle Eye Community Theatre
Shows at 7:30 PM and Saturday Matinees at 2:00 PM

‘I now understand why The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is a children’s classic. It is a must read for us all!’

Before there was Harry Potter and his wizarding world there was C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. If you grew up reading The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe then no doubt you can remember imagining yourself climbing through a wardrobe hoping to discover a mythical world filled with talking animals, witches and magic. This winter Between Shifts Theatre invites you to crawl through the wardrobe with them as they breath life into this classic story where even a small child can overcome the forces of evil. 

The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe is one of the most ambitious productions Between Shifts has ever mounted and is a true testament to Squamish talent.   Local writer, Sara Marrocco, has beautifully adapted this story for the stage being directed by Amy Reid and Kathy Daniels.  This director duo’s first project was last years’ well-loved A Christmas Story and they are back again with another family classic of a very different sort.  “We wanted to create something that was a visual feast” says Amy Reid “Something that felt like a dream that audiences of all ages would really love watching.  To do that we needed to incorporate all kinds of mediums including art, music and dance.  We are so lucky to have such incredible talent in our community to pull from!” Designer Michael K. Hewitt has written a stunning original score for this production as well as eye pleasing projections and Jennifer Carney of The Performing Arts Centre has been brought in to choreograph the tiny wood nymphs who gracefully transport us from scene to scene.  Katja Grilli, a professional wig maker who got her start in the German opera, along with her son Pedro Johnson, and industry professional Janet Dundas, are just a few of the incredibly talented team working on hair, makeup and costumes to complete this dazzling, not-to-be missed production.

Join the Pevensie children played by Kai Thompson, Jaeda Willson-Rymer, Pepe Johnson and Lula Rodriguez Reid on an adventure to defeat The White Witch (Amy Reid) and save Narnia with the help of Mrs Beaver (Johanne Neilsen ), Mr Tumnas (Ethan Lapointe), and of course The Mighty Aslan (Brodie Prescott).  This breathtaking, all-ages production boasts a cast of 20 and one of the largest design teams Between Shifts has ever assembled.  Pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, grab some Turkish delight and get lost in one of the true greats.  You won’t be disappointed.

Eagle Eye Theatre Nov 28th – Dec 7th

7:30pm with matiness on the 30th and 7th at 2pm

Tickets are available at  or in person at Billie’s Flower House