Theatre Mentorship Program – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


7 weeks (classes and rehearsal)

7 Performances from Oct 17-22nd


Ages 10-15


Come take part in this performance-based program taking students all the way from script to stage.  Classes will run 3 hours per week on Monday evenings from 4pm – 7pm for 7 weeks culminating into a full-scale production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow performing at The Eagle Eye Theatre Oct 17th– 22nd.


This incredible experience combines professional level training and real stage experience. Actors will cultivate stage direction, voice and movement techniques, improv skills, scene and character development in an environment where all are supported and encouraged.  Best of all, they will have the opportunity to share the stage with seasoned actors performing for the entire community with Between Shifts Theatre!


We are only able to accommodate a max of 10 spots in this program so be sure to register ASAP!


*Please note that in addition to Mondays actors may be asked to attend occasional Thursday or Sunday rehearsals as needed depending on casting.  If your actor is not available on these days please let us know.


 Due to the fact that this class culminates into a full show a rock -solid time commitment to be at all tech, dress and performance times is required.  Actors must be available from Oct 14th-Oct 22nd